North Florida Lawn Plant of the Month: Endless Summer Hydrangea

The Endless Summer hydrangea is a brand of cold-hardy, reblooming hydrangeas. Their stunning blooms are available in many colors: pink, blue, purple, red, and white. This mophead hydrangea cultivar blooms on the previous year’s stems as well as the new season’s stems, which is not the typical bloom habit of mophead hydrangeas. This plant provides flowers from spring through late summer. It is the perfect shrub for foundation plantings, containers, perennial flower borders, and anywhere in your landscape where you want colorful blooms!

Do Endless Summer Hydrangeas need sun?
Endless Summer Hydrangeas thrive in partial shade, or roughly four hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight per day. It's best if they receive sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

How big do Endless Summer Hydrangeas get?
3-5 feet

How do you keep Endless Summer Hydrangeas blooming?
Since Endless Summer Hydrangeas bloom on last year's growth (“old wood”) as well as the current season's growth (“new wood”), you will get the most flowers by protecting the flower buds on the old wood. To do this, do NOT prune or cut back your shrubs after August 1st.

Where is the best place to plant a hydrangea?
Many people plant hydrangeas in beds next to their homes or fences. This is because hydrangeas love the warm morning sun, but they dislike the heat of the afternoon. The best place to plant hydrangeas is in a sheltered location with sunny mornings and shady afternoons.

Water needs for Endless Summer Hydrangeas:
Endless Summer hydrangeas have medium to high water needs. Throughout the growing season, the soil should be kept evenly moist but not waterlogged. Ensuring the plant has proper drainage is imperative to prevent root rot.

How much sunlight do Endless Summer hydrangeas need?
The best location to ensure continuous bloom is one where the plant receives morning sun and afternoon dappled shade. In too much sun, they might stop blooming.

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