Plant of the Month: East Palatka Holly

Discovered in 1927 growing near East Palatka, Florida, this Holly is one of a group of hybrids between Dahoon and  American Holly. The broad, dull green, rounded leaves have one spine at the tip and few, if any, along the blade edge. The 30 to 45- foot-tall trees take on a moderately tight, pyramid shape.

East Palatka is one of the most common tree form hollies and one of the best. This female Holly plant is heavily covered with bright red berries in fall and winter, especially toward the top of the tree. A row of East Palatka Hollies will look quite uniform, adding to the popularity of the tree among landscape architects and designers.

It is faster growing than most American hollies and it has a more refined appearance in the landscape with its softer green foliage and non-spiny leaves. Like most hollies, it will grow in full sun or partial shade but does best in good, rich soil. Hollies are not very drought tolerant so should be watered during extended droughts. In the landscape, they are ideally suited for use as a single specimen, as a screen planting or even can be clipped for a large hedge.

A popular tree for smaller landscapes and street borders. It usually can be planted within 5 to 10 feet of homes and near patios. Let them grow naturally or prune to shape, this Palatka Holly tree looks beautiful either way!

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