Plant of the Month: Gerbing Azaleas

The Gerbing is a larger, more full-sized Azalea variety with large, pure white blooms that average about 3" in diameter. Blooms are very numerous in spring, with an occasional re-bloom period in early to mid-fall. Gerbing is an evergreen Azalea variety that generally is one of the few Azalea cultivars that are capable of thriving in planting areas with higher light exposure.

Foliage is a slightly lighter medium green color, with leaves being quite large and slightly elongated. This Azalea variety makes a very good foundation planting with medium size, and also does very well when mass planted or used as a hedge. Has a slightly more upright growth habit than most of the other Azalea varieties.

Like all Azaleas, Gerbing prefers semi-shade, and will even do well in planting locations with mostly shade, but is rare in that it is one of the few varieties that will also handle higher amounts of sun exposure.

These Azaleas have shallow, non-aggressive root systems that make them a great foundation planting choice and can even be planted closely together for use as a colorful hedge.

This fairly shallow root system, however, also requires that Azaleas be given regular waterings - be sure that your Azaleas receive water equivalent to about 1" of rainfall each & every week throughout the growing season.

Azaleas need to be pruned in order to maintain the full bushy shrub or they may get "leggy".  The best time to prune an Azalea is right after it finishes flowering in the spring. Light pruning during the growing season is tolerated, but Azaleas should never be pruned after August, as this will prevent the shrub from flowering the following spring. 

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