what you're for; not what you're against

Rusty’s Corner: Be known by what you're for; not what you're against

For some reason, it's become increasingly popular for organizations to be known more by what they're against; rather than what they're for. This is most notable in politics and religion.

We are constantly hearing ‘the Republicans are against this policy,’ and ‘the Democrats are against that one.’ This religious group is against this, and another is against that, and so on.

Rarely are organizations known by what cause they rally around to support, and that’s truly sad.

The reason is simple: You can raise more money, gain a bigger following, and turnout more votes by having an enemy - but does it ever accomplish anything significant?

Let me be clear - I have deeply held personal religious and political beliefs, so this is not about disengaging with any group. Quite the contrary.

I’m asking you to engage further, but rather than merely following - I'm asking you to speak out. These organizations are just groups of individuals, and the issue isn’t the group. It’s the loudest individuals leading the charge. 

Andy Stanley says it like this: “If you want to stand for something you’re passionate about, swim to the other side of the pool - but don’t kick off the wall.”

If you have to kick off the wall, it may mean the side you’re swimming to isn’t attractive enough on its own. We don’t need an enemy to leverage off of if our calling toward something is that great.

Differing views are unavoidable, but division is a choice.

What if we decided we weren’t going to do that anymore? What if we decided the groups we lead in our community would be laser-focused on what they’re FOR? What if we decided personally that people would know us by the things we are FOR?


This blog was written after hearing a series at Anthem called #FORGainesville. It was thought-provoking, encouraging, and made me proud to be a member of this community. If you are interested in more info, visit anthemchurch.com/for