Rusty's Corner: Discipline Equals Freedom

These are questions I hear often:

  • "How do you wake up so early?"
  • "How do you make yourself go to the gym every day?"
  • "How do you stay out of debt?"
  • How do you have a weekly date night?

The answer can be summed up into 1 quote from Jocko Willink - Discipline. Equals. Freedom.

Forcing yourself to do difficult and uncomfortable things gives you the freedom to do things you couldn't do otherwise.

Waking up early gives you time and focus because you beat the world to the punch. 

A challenging workout gives you endorphins and energy to tackle your day. 

Saving money will give you the ability to own things you never could've, and without a bank owning you. 

Prioritizing my wife and our marriage weekly gives us a better relationship to tackles life's trials.

Sure, all of the above things are abnormal, and that's why they get questioned. Normal is broke. Normal is overweight. Normal is knowing more about the latest TV show than how your child is doing at school. Normal is a loveless marriage.

I don't want any part of normal.

Discipline isn't normal, and neither is true freedom, but it sure is worth it.

I don't know where this meets you at. Every day I look around me and see so many of my own missed opportunities due to a personal lack of discipline in one area or another. I hope you will take a moment and see where you want to improve, and then get after it today.