Rusty's Corner: Good News About Hard Times

Everyone has tough times that they have to struggle through. We all face those challenging times that we know will pass, but seem to take forever. Too often we fail to see everything that we can learn from the obstacles that life throws our way.

Obviously, suffering and rejection are not good things. We all want to avoid pain and no one wants to be rejected. What is vitally important, however, is not what hard times come along (because inevitably they will), but how we respond when they do.

Some people crumble. They become bitter and see the world as unfair. They begin to think that they are "wrong" or flawed. At some level, they give up and completely lose hope.

Others, however, hang tough. They examine their beliefs and their strategies -adjusting where they can - and hold firm to the unchanging principles that guide their lives.

I would never wish adversity on anyone, and yet, without it, some of us will never know who we truly are. I love the quote from Nancy Reagan that says "people are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water."

Tough times force us to examine ourselves. They burn out our weaknesses and make us stronger for the future. Tough times can force us to grow in ways that good times allow us to ignore or cover up. Tough times force us to discover what we are made of.

When adversity comes, and it comes to all of us at different times and ways, I challenge you not just to accept it, but to rail and fight against it. But don't resent it. Learn from it and use it to your advantage.

Create a Good Day, Rusty Thompson