September Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month - Cordyline

The Gainesville Landscape Plant of the Month for September is the Cordyline 'Red Sister', also known as Red Ti Plant, but is technically classified as Cordyline terminalis.  The Ti plant is native to east Asia and is profoundly robust on the leeward side of the Hawaiian Islands.

Red Sister grows 4 - 6 feet tall and should be spaced 3 feet apart.  The foliage is colored with burgundy to pink color with no need to flower because of it's tropical foliage color, although there is an occasional flower spike.

While often kept as a container plant for the house or patio, there are some landscape uses to consider as well.  When foliage shape and color is needed for that tropical look, the ti plant may be your answer. Just make sure in Gainesville lawn or landscapes that it is kept protected when the cold weather snaps down toward freezing.

Ti plants are very versatile in their growing conditions as they are happy in full sun to deep shade.  Just remember, as with all plants, not to suddenly plunge one that has been a shady environment out into the full sun.   Sunburn will occur – make a gradual shift over several days to weeks to help the plant acclimate to the new sun exposure. While cool weather brings out the best color (November through May), the ti plant is a bit cold-sensitive and is marginally perennial in our area.  We cover our Ti in the landscape on chilly nights.

If you intend to install Ti plants in your Gainesville landscape, consider mass planting individual specimens about three-feet apart for the best visual effect.  Make sure that the soil is well-drained and water as needed.   While Gainesville lawn pests such as nematodes, mealy bugs, and mites can be problematic, one particularly common problem experienced by gardeners may be linked to fluoride damage manifested as tip and marginal leaf burn.

If you are interested in plating these in your Gainesville Landscape design, give us a call at (352) 378-5296.