VLOG: Topdressing a Zoysia Lawn with Comand Organic Soil

Topdressing with Lifesoil's Comand Turf Builder is a game cheaper for your lawn. It makes an amazing difference specifically for client's with poor soil quality for one of these reasons. The soil is available throughout the southeast, but it is formulated and we apply the topdressings locally in Gainesville, Florida lawns.

Builders sand: Your home was built within the past ten years and was built with primarily Archer fill dirt or builder's sand. As you heard in the video, Comand topdressing helps add moisture retention ability and nutrient uptaking capacity for the roots of your lawn.

Clay: Your lawn struggles to grow deep roots due to compacted clay soil. Aeration and  Comand lawn dressing will add some nutrients rich soil as well as non-compacting loose soil to begin to set roots into.

Soil Born Diseases: Soilborn Diseases in lawns can be reduced by removing the diseased soil and applying new organic compost to reduce the spread. This is not a cure, but an improvement for the soil.

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