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The Health of Your Gainesville Lawn is About Much More than Fertilization

 Great For Fertility, Bugs and Weeds


Advertisements do not tell you what a service or product won't do - on purpose - they do not want to discourage you from buying their product or service. Every service or product has strong points and limitations. Lawn spraying has some great strong points - fertility, insects and weeds. Lawn spraying has definite limitations - there are problems with St Augustine turf grass lawn that lawn spraying just will not fix. When a homeowner with a persistent problem - like poor irrigation - hires a Gainesville lawn spray company to spray away irrigation problems - they will be disappointed! So I always tell potential customers what lawn spraying cannot do - lawn spraying cannot fix...

How Much Do Gainesville Landscape Services Cost?

This is always one of the first questions a homeowner has when starting the research process for a Gainesville landscape company. The problem with answering this question, though, is the fact that a Gainesville landscape has so many variations and options that it can be very tough for one to truly know what the price to fully enjoy their yard will be. Notwithstanding, I'll do my best here to give you some realistic cost ranges as to what most people will spend.

Five Ways to Help Your Lawn in a Drought

Grass requires plenty of water to keep it green and growing. Long periods without rain, like we've been in recently in North Florida, can mean that you end up with a dying yard. Here are ten ways to make sure your lawn is ready for the drought.

  1. Irrigate deeply and less often – Set your irrigation to use plenty of water at once. Watering longer will allow you to space out your waterings. This will encourage your grass roots to  reach down for the water instead of just accessing what is available near the surface.
  2. Avoid fertilizers – Don’t apply fertilizers to your lawn before or during a season of drought. This is actually harmful to your lawn rather than helpful because it increases the need for water.
  3. Raise the mower height – By raising the cutting height on your mower, you will be encouraging root growth in your grasses. This will help the grass stay greener longer during a drought season. This
  4. ...