3 Ways to Add Sound to Your Landscape

For many of us, our outdoor living space is a safe haven. Surrounding ourselves with beautiful plants and scenery can also be a wonderful place to relax or entertain outdoors.

The perfect outdoor living space needs more than just beautiful sights and smells, though. Another essential element in the backyard is sound. By adding a third sense to your outdoor living space, it makes your Gainesville yard even more relaxing and inviting.

Here are 3 simple ways for you to bring outdoor audio elements to your garden:

1. Add a water feature:
Fountains can introduce a calming background murmur that fills the space around you and neutralizes street noise. In a more expansive landscape, a large fountain can serve as a splashy focal point that anchors an area of the landscape commanding attention both visually and aurally. Since they are available in a wide...

What are the best shrubs for privacy?

Privacy is a big concern in our personal lives and at our home. We all have been spending much more time at home and while we love our neighbors (ok, we hope to be that lucky!) having that private space when you are outdoors is important to what your outdoor living space is all about. Not everyone wants to build a fortress around their property. If you’re tired of being on display for all the neighbors to see, you probably want to find a way to add some privacy.

Well, we have a solution. Privacy with plants! Shrubs are a great way to shelter your home from the curious looks of passersby while adding more green to your landscape.

Below is a list of our top 6 shrubs used for privacy in landscape:

1. Sweet Viburnum
This is an evergreen shrub that grows to as much as 30 feet tall. The small flowers that come in late spring to early summer aren’t very showy but they are extremely fragrant. This is a favorite of mine for use as...

4 Types of Fire Pits Perfect for Fall

Lighting up the fire pit is a great way to initiate an intimate gathering with family and friends. The hosting possibilities that come along with owning a fire pit are virtually limitless and only bound by your imagination.

Fire pits have become one of the hottest home accessories on the market and it is clear why. There are many fire features that you can have in your backyard. There are basic as well as upscale designs. You will even be able to increase the value of your property with the right fire pit and the right backyard landscape design.

How many types of fire pits are there? Well, fire pits come in numerous alterations but they can generally be grouped into four categories depending on the kind of fuel each pit uses. Below we will take a look at 4 different styles of fire pits.

1. Simple Custom wood burning
A natural replica of a campfire, but limited to a contained space, these pits provide an authentic experience...

5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season for Landscaping in Florida

Many people think of spring as the best time for planting, but our preferred season in Gainesville is actually right now! The cooler temperatures and fall rains help the plant’s roots become well-established and the soil is still warm enough to allow roots to grow before the risk of freezing temperatures set in. It’s also a great time to get out in the yard and enjoy your investment! Below you will see our top 5 reasons for why we love Floria Fall landscapes!

1. Color
Here in Gainesville, we don’t get to experience the same dramatic color changes that some of our friends further north enjoy. The flip side of that is that we also don’t have to deal with the colder winters either! Still, it’s nice to see some changes at the turning of the season, and while we won’t be as showy as some other areas, here are a few Gainesville landscape additions that I would highly recommend for our...

5 Gainesville Landscape Tips for this Summer

With temperatures beginning to rise, it’s important to start preparing your Gainesville landscape for success in the months ahead. Does your curb appeal need some added color? Is your lawn ready for the warm weather and adjusted irrigation times?

We have compiled a few tips that will keep your lawn in great shape during the summer months.

1. Don’t Butcher the Grass
It’s tempting to lower your mower blades to cut the grass as short as possible. After all, you reason, it’s sort of like your hair—the shorter you cut it now, the longer you can go between trims. Grass doesn’t work like that, especially when it comes to St. Augustine and Zoysia grass.

Chopping the grass is more likely to leave it brown and dead. For the warm season, not only should you sharpen the blades, but you should also position them to never cut more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade off for an optimal lawn. Leaving the grass slightly taller won’t interfere with the groomed...

5 Design Trends in Outdoor Living

This year's outdoor living trends are all about making your lawn, backyard, or porch, a regular part of everyday life. Building on last year's momentum, homeowners began to bring indoor conveniences outdoors with smart technology, multipurpose add-ons, and structures that allow us to be outside longer and more often throughout the year. Whether it's a spot to grow herbs for homemade meals, a private patio, or a place to do the cooking, the popularity of outdoor living spaces continue to grow in 2021.

Below you’ll find 5 popular outdoor living trends focusing on creating simple and elegant spaces to live, relax, and entertain outdoors.

1. Pool Remodels with Pavers and Coping
You can choose from so many colors, patterns, and textures, you can give your pool deck a look you really want. Homeowners can show off their pool deck designs year-round, not just during pool time. Pool decks are an excellent way to extend a home for...

5 Reasons Why Mulching is Vital to Curb Appeal

Mulch adds beauty, depth, and dimension to any landscape. Rather than leaving soil exposed and bare, try adding mulch to create a beautiful touch to your landscape and spruce up your yard. Mulching adds vibrant colors and manicured look to your garden or softscape bed; thus, adding to its curb appeal. It gives your lawn a finished and refined look by occupying the empty spaces, which also helps in making the maintenance an easier job.
Here are 5 reasons why mulching is vital to curb appeal...

  1. Clear definition between grass and garden beds:
    This is the fundamental piece to curb appeal. Mulch gives beds a uniform, well-maintained look, and adds definition between the turf and beds. By adding definition to your garden beds you will make your property more visually appealing. Edging creates clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas, which gives your lawn character and depth. Think of mulch as your canvas where your plants can be the
  2. ...

5 Landscape Design Trends

During the long year we had in 2020 where we spent a lot more time at home, we all have had a chance to inspect and even dream of updating our yards into outdoor living spaces we can enjoy and be proud of. Just like everything else, Landscape design has many trends and we want to showcase five trends that have really been on the rise lately, and have transformed our backyard’s into vacation “getaways."

  1. Outdoor Living: As more and more people discover the enjoyment of outdoor living, one of the top priorities is often the construction of a paver patio, firepit, remodeled pool area, outdoor kitchen, or a place where they can relax. This area becomes more than a backyard to look at - but an attractive outdoor room for work or play. It is a place to read the Sunday paper, eat a meal, enjoy the sun, or entertain friends. This design trend really is all about creating simple and elegant spaces to live, relax, and entertain outdoors; as opposed to the backyard lawn or
  2. ...

Do I need a Gainesville Landscape Designer or a Landscape Architect?

Maybe you have a landscape, artificial turf, or paver patio project that's bigger than you can handle, and you want to contact a professional. But, how do you know who to call - do you need a Landscape Architect? or a Landscape Designer? and, what is the difference between landscape architects and landscape designers? Apparently, more than you may realize.

Landscape Architects
To legally call yourself a landscape architect, you must have a bachelor's and/or master's degree in landscape architecture from a university and be licensed by the state of Florida in order to design and work on landscape projects. A good and reputable landscape architect has experience or has the training to work with challenging issues in both commercial and large residential sites, including:

  • Steep slopes
  • Large Retaining walls
  • Expansive Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Designing outdoor structures
  • Solving elevation
  • ...