Why is the TMLC Lawn Fertilization Program based on 6 visits?

"Why does The Master's Lawn Care base its lawn health program on 6 visits?" We get this question a lot, pretty much anytime we enroll a new client into our Gainesville lawn care program.  Why 6 visits and more to the point, does a lawn need that much fertilizer to stay alive?

Truthfully, no.  Lawns don't need to be treated 6 times per year.  In fact, it was just a few years ago that we were offering a 5 application program (we visited homes roughly every two and half months). However, what I came to realize is that our clients don't want just a fertilization company.  What our clients want is a company who takes care of their lawn.  If you had the time or expertise to watch over your lawn, you wouldn't have called us in the first place and would be doing the work yourself. 

That is why we now visit 6 times a year.  If you're waiting too long for your lawn application company to come out, a lot of bad things can happen in the time between visits. 


The #1 Basic Need of a Lawn?☀️ Sunlight ☀️

The secret to a healthy and dense Gainesville lawn is comprised of three main ingredients:
#1 - Sun
#2 - Water
#3 - Food (Lawn Fertilization and soil amendments)

Today's video is focused on the most vital one - sunlight. Depending on how much your lawn gets in a typical day, is one of a couple factors that directly affects the density of your Gainesville lawn. Full sun lawns grow grass easily, regardless of grass type. However, similar to the 90's song, it's 'Mo' shade, mo' problems' when it comes to your grass.

Shade Trees.  Nearly everyone loves and wants them on their lot.  A big, beautiful, well-established tree can not only add beauty to your Gainesville Landscaping, they can also provide shade which in turn keeps your home cooler and will save you on your energy bill.  What is good for your wallet, however, isn’t good for your lawn. Too much shade is often the culprit for an unsightly thin area in a lawn, just like the video shows.  I can’t...

Why do you need Aeration for your Gainesville Grass?


Simply put, aeration is essential to having a healthy, resilient lawn as it lets oxygen, water, and nutrients penetrate past the topsoil to reach the root zone of your turfgrass, where essential lawn nutrients can stimulate roots to grow and create healthier, stronger Gainesville, Florida lawns.

Aerating your lawn is pretty cool because it …

Top 5 Things To Do for your Gainesville Lawn this Spring

A great-looking lawn doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work and lots of care to keep your grass healthy,green, and lush. Luckily, the secrets to fabulous Gainesville grass are easily doable - either by you as a DIYer or with a Gainesville, Florida lawn service like The Master's Lawn Care.

Everything you need to know about Aeration

Lawn aeration, or core aeration, as it is often called, is one of the most simple and affordable ways to give your lawn a boost. Gainesville lawn aeration is the process of removing thousands of small plugs of soil, grass and thatch in your lawn as a way of opening it up so that it can better receive nutrients and hydration. These plugs will rest on top of your lawn and break back down to feed nutrients back to your lawn. This process is a great way to improve the effectiveness of irrigation, reduce soil compaction and encouraging healthy root development. 

How does aeration benefit my Gainesville lawn?

  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Creates an environment that encourages root development
  • Better penetration of water and nutrients including fertilizers
  • Reduces the risks of lawn diseases and damaging pest infestations
  • Improves absorption and drainage in heavy
  • ...